Index of Articles - 2016

Barnyards & Backyards

Fall 2016

Title Author(s) Page #
Fall splendor; colors aflame Jennifer Thompson 2
Ask Sam - How to fix tear in hoop house plastic?   4
Three strawberry types sweeten Wyoming tables Chris Hilgert 5-6
Wyoming’s summer notches high temperatures, low precipitation Windy Kelley  7
Lungren Girls’ Farm: A-maize-ing fun for the whole family Mae Smith  8-10
Growing healthy soil in the garden Caitlin Youngquist 11-13
Installing water hydrants can enhance property, make life MUCH easier Scott Cotton 14-17
Extension educators build cost-friendly DIY solar thermal stock tank prototype Chance Marshall and Hudson Hill 18-19
Hunter’s dilemma: What to do with extra game meat? Laura Balis and Phyllis Lewis 20-23
Apt agricultural apps Ashley Garrelts 24-25
Starting a business can diversify, strengthen income Abby Perry and Jennifer Hinkhouse 26-28

Summer 2016

Title Author(s) Page #
At last summer, and Wyoming bursts with variety Jennifer Thompson 2
Ask Sam - Help! Each summer I find baby birds out of their nest because I have several bird houses scattered throughout my yard and I've also found nests in my trees. What should I do?   4
Residential lot-turned-small-farm yields prized produce Tony Hoch 5-7
The backyard buzz: Wyoming's native bees Christine Bell and Lusha Tronstad  8-11
No lie! You can grow cherry trees in Wyoming - just be selective Vicky Hayman and Chris Hilgert  12-14
An aquaponics operation may be right fit but look before jumping in Abby Perry 15-17
The science behind crop improvement and new plant development Sadanand Dhekney and Michael Baldwin 18-20
Goats serious bio-controllers of weeds - but management is key Scott Cotton 21-22
What will you plant? USDA PLANTS database an online landowner resource Kristina Hufford 23-24
Tips, tricks ease aches and pains of gardening gains Laura Balis and Tina Russell 25-27

Spring 2016

Title Author(s) Page #
Fruit trees, insect pests, weeds, weather data and invertebrates - spring is good Jennifer Thompson 2
Ask Sam - How do I become a licensed pesticide applicator?   4
Apple, pear trees can survive and thrive in Wyoming Chris Hilgert 5-7
Beneath the water's surface: What lives in our streams? Lusha Tronstad 8-11
Featured landowner: Passion for growing turns into grand experiment Caleb Carter 12-14
Garden pest control may not require heavy artillery Scott Schell 15-17
What's eating my plant? Bonnie Bunn 18-20
Noxious weeds: To pull or not to pull? Amy Collett 21-22
Collecting precipitation data provides information for public good Windy Kelley 23-24
Help halt herbicide resistance Caitlin Youngquist and Gustavo Sbatella 25-27

Winter 2016

Title Author(s) Page #
Winter chills inspire growing season thrills Jennifer Thompson 2
European paper wasp, a world traveler, finally arrives in Wyoming Scott Schell 4-6
Revisiting incentives for renewable energy Milton Geiger 7-9
Featured landowner: Natrona County family sets deep roots, reaps results of hard work and diversification Donna Hoffman 10-12
Fruit production do's and don'ts for the backyard or hobby farmer Brian Sebade 13-15
Pruning your grapevines Jeremiah Vardiman 16-17
Assessing cold damage guides pruning for bountiful vineyard production Jeremiah Vardiman 18-20
Unpretentious potato quietly goes about feeding the world Ted Craig 21-23
Need more season for growing your vegetables? We can do that Karen Panter 24-25
Safety essential when operating compact tractors  Scott Cotton  26-27

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