Index of Articles - 2022

Barnyards & Backyards

Fall 2022

Title Author(s) Page #
Choosing flowering trees and shrubs for a Wyoming landscape Tara Costanzo 4-6
Rehab for disturbed pastures Caleb Carter 7-9
Currants and gooseberries weather Wyoming's harsh winters and can swweeten summers Brian Sebade 10-11
How much rain didn't you get? Tony Bergantino and Windy Kelley 12-13
Know your neighbors (especially the reptilian kind) Mason Lee 14-16
Featured Landowner: Blooming where they are planted Jennifer Thompson 17-19
Simple habits lead to large (water) savings Brian Sebade 20-21
Understanding livestock nutritional requirements Alex Orozco-Lopez 22-23
Ask Sam: Bird Flu   24
An ode to the sweet smells of summer Karen Panter 25-27

Summer 2022

Title Author(s) Page #
Home lawn fertilization 101 Chris Hilgert 4-6
Weeds getting your garden down? Don't give up yet! Caleb Carter 7-9
A guide to growing cut flowers in Wyoming Donna Hoffman 10-11
Add some pep to your garden - Tips on cultivating peppers Brian Sebade 12-14
Use your smartphone for plant identification with these six apps Jenna Meeks 15-16, 24
SKIP irrigation pattern provides greater crop uniformity Jeremiah Vardiman 17-19
What's the deal with invasive annual grasses? Matt Jolivet 20-22
Be counted - by the National Agricultural Statistics Service Cole Ehmke 23-24
On top of Old Smoke: Raising wild horses off the Red Desert Rex Lockman 25-27

Spring 2022

Title Author(s) Page #
Looking Forward to Spring   2
Common Backyard Amphibians Mason Lee 4-6
Keep an Eye Out for Nitrate Toxicity Jeremiah Vardiman 7-9
Backyard Beef and Artificial Insemination Chance Marshall 10-12
Preventing Deer Damage in Landscapes with Deer-Resistant Plants Abby Perry 13-14
Lettuce help growers have a green thumb in Wyoming Brian Sebade 15-16
Growing for Sharing Caitlin Youngquist 17-18
The Importance of Pollination Madison Crawford 19-20
Small Flock Marketing Considerations Whit Stewart and Bridger Feuz 21-24
Community Science in Wyoming Jacelyn Downey 25-27

Winter 2022

Title Author(s) Page #
Farewell and thank you, Steve Miller.   2
Peter Rabbit running around your house? His health may be in danger! Hallie Hasel 4-5
Has spikes, shoots blood from eyes - Wyoming's surprising state reptile Mason Lee 6-7
Enjoy your indoor house plants this winter by keeping them pest free Donna Hoffman 8-10
Honey bees, hives need TLC to help them survive Wyoming winter, early spring Scott Schell 11-13
Correct grafting techniques fool Mother Nature - to our benefit! Zach Schultz 14-15
Have pets and want a healthy lawn? Abby Perry 16-17
Attention to herd health vital for small acreage cow-calf operations Clay Bedke and Shelby Rosasco 18-20
Wyoming Hunger Initiative actions strengthen anti-hunger efforts across state Jennie Gordon 21-23
Proper planting, training vines crucial to a vineyard's success Jeremiah Vardiman 24-26


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