Index of Articles - 2015

Fall 2015

Title Author(s) Page #
Fall time to harvest fruits of labors, prepare for you know what Mae Smith 2
Ask Sam - I have been seeing stories in the news about animals getting vesicular stomatitis. Could my animals be at risk? What about my kids? What symptoms do I look for and how can I minimize these risks?   4
Apple-icious! Use these tried-and-true methods for apple goodness all year long Josefina Ibarra 5-7
Prevention most effective method to stop invasive species Julie Kraft  8-9
Name that thistle Brian Sebade  10-11
Featured landowner: Diversity, adaptability key to bee, beef, vegetable operation Brian Sebade 12-14
Turn the fruits of your labor into wine Mae Smith 15-18
How to prep, plant, and care for ornamental garden beds that delight for years Jennifer Thompson 19-22
Take heart - stressed trees slowly recovering from great November freeze Mark Hughes 23-24
Age, species diversity bolster tree plantings' health, longevity Donna Hoffman 25-27

Summer 2015

Title Author(s) Page #
Summer, and Wyoming landscapes are still green! Mae Smith 2
Ask Sam - What are the risks of residual herbicides in compost and manure I use in my garden?   4
Build backyard wonder for kids - Where the wild things are Jamie Weiss 5-6
Enjoy this nutritional powerhouse's tartness softened by sweet Vicki Hayman 7-9
Featured Landowner: Master Gardener creates peaceful landscape blending with surrounding prairie Jennifer Thompson 10-12
Evacuate animals or have plan to protect them when wildfire looms? Scott Cotton 13-15
We offer ways to keep sheep venture profitable and woolly, not wild Kellie Chichester 16-18
Don't get zapped. Know your electric fence parts Mae Smith 19-21
Got Voles? We have answers Caleb Carter 22-24
Want to view a great summer spectacle? Travis Laurance 25-27

Spring 2015

Title Author(s) Page #
Swing into Spring Mae Smith 2
Ask Sam - I have some trees that were hit hard by the freeze last fall. Will the plants live?   4
Developing a rabbit habit Rebecca Moncur 5-7
Wyoming hosts many native pollinators Brenna Marsicek 8-10
Ten Rocky Mountain natives you can grow Susan Winslow 11-13
It's all about the pesticide label! Jess Butler 14-15
Nothing complex about Cam-Plex success Jacelyn Downey 16-17
Not your usual garden crop Brian Lee 18-19
Are radiant heat retention strategies beneficial to high tunnel production? Jeff Edwards and Milt Geiger 20-22
Easy to grow, good for you, taste great - but a little raspberry research will sweeten the success  Jeff Edwards  23-25
Neighborhood know-how: Building community with rural neighbors Tara Kuipers 26-27

Winter 2015

Title Author(s) Page #
Welcome Wondrous Winter Mae Smith 2
Ask Sam - I have a woodpecker that thinks my house would make a nice woodpecker home as well. What can I do to deter it from pecking a hole into my siding?   4
Bird feeder basics Jacelyn Downey 5-6
Unraveling the mysteries of mushrooms Chris Hilgert 7-9
Rediscover your roots Vicki Hayman 10-12
Proper hoof care provides solid foundation for healthy horse Dusty Smith 13-14
Composting livestock mortalities on the farm Caitlin Price Youngquist 15-17
Featured landowners: Family lives more sustainably Kellie Chichester 18-20
Winter woes - or winter woohoos! Mae Smith 21-22
Managing moldy hay lessens feed dangers  Steve Paisley  23-24
Beauty and the beast Travis Laurance 25-27

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