Index of Articles - 2010

Barnyards & Backyards

Winter 2010

Title Author(s) Page #
Five years and going strong! Tony Hoch 4
Educator describes how to achieve property management goals Dallas Mount 5-7
Featured Landowner: Land manager's advice springs from half-century of experience Bill Kohlbrand 8-10
Beetle epidemic provides landowners fresh start Mark Ellison 11-13
Beware the dreaded chimney fire Bradley Carroll 14-16
Marketing at the market? Prepare for selling at a farmers market Cole Ehmke 17-19
When Fido and Fluffy attack: Minimizing pet-wildlife conflicts Jacelyn Downey 20-21
Here's how to build a hoop house Jeff Edwards, Ted Craig, Del Jimenez 22-25
Ask Sam: How to reduce grasshopper infestations   26

Spring 2010

Title Author(s) Page #
The Barnyards and Backyards community Tony Hoch 4
Finding community in the garden Christina Schmidt 5-8
Geothermal heat pumps: A better way to heat and cool your home Milt Geiger 9-11
Coming home, dreams, and returning to agricultural roots Maureen Meagher 12-15
Conservation easements and land trusts: Tools for preserving agriculture and open spaces Sandra Frost 16-18
Establishing trees and shrubs on salt-affected sites Joe Scianna 19-21
How to use GPS to help calibrate sprayers Dana Erdman 22
They're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy, nor Georgia for that matter! Property Improvement Project: Focus on the Browns Tom Heald 23-25
Soils, insects, septic systems, weeds, and more topics at rural living workshops Jennifer Thompson & Steve Miller 26-27
Never too early to protect against grasshoppers Scott Schell 28-29
As Sam: Grazing agreements   30

Summer 2010

Title Author(s) Page #
The race is on! Tony Hoch 4
Neighbors team to control Russian olive Bob Parsons 5-6
How to determine if that renewable energy project makes economic sense Ben Rashford 7-9
Featured landowners: Working with neighbors streamlines irrigation water use Michelle Huntington 10-11
Can you name these common Wyoming shrubs? Tony Hoch w/ suggestions by EP & RM 12
Don't have a plant M.D.? Here's how to determine what's ailing them Karen Panter 13-16
Weeds on the move: Ways to stop the spread Ken Henke 17-19
Third property improvement project contains forest, riparian areas Mark Hughes 20-22
Picking plants: How to collect and preserve plants for identification Rachel Mealor & Brian Mealor 23-25
Ask Sam: Water rights & responsibilities   26

Fall 2010

Title Author(s) Page #
Why we fuss over weeds Tony Hoch 4
Late calving makes best use of forage for cows, takes advantage of nature Jim Waggoner, Mike Smith 5-6
Unmasking a mysterious fall visitor to Wyoming Catherine Symchych 7-8
Solar thermal - a cost-effective renewable energy Milton Geiger 9-11
Featured landowners: Cody Country Bed and Biscuit owners diversify production on their 6 acres Saige Albert 12-14
Do you know these infamous weeds? Mary Mckinney, Amy Jerup 15
You can help keep invasive weeds at bay Brian Mealor 16-17
Use pesticides with care around your home Mark Ferrell 18-20
Here's how to identify Wyoming's wonderful raptors Tim Ludwick 21-23
Ask Sam - placement of corral, etc to protect well quality   24
Add a dash of homegrown zest to your diet Sandra Frost 25

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