Index of Articles - 2011

Barnyards & Backyards

Winter 2011

Title Author(s) Page #
Best of Barnyards & Backyards - your vote needed! Jennifer Thompson 4
How to plan and plant a living snow fence Liz Harvey, Martin Curry 5-7
Miniature Lowline Angus may be opportunity for small-acreage owners Kellie Chichester 8-9
Opportunity for niche market? Bridger Feuz, Dillon Feuz  10-11
Featured landowners: Landowners pursue love of apples through high elevation school of hard knocks Jennifer Thompson  12-14
Tiny bird, big appetite Jacelyn Downey 15-17
A do-it-yourself wind turbine installation Eric Peterson 18-21
Looking for winners in your landscapes? Consider these Donna Cuin 22-24
Wise care of feeding animal areas, septic systems, landscaping helps maintain clean water Nephi Cole 25-26
Ask Sam - alkali & horses   27

Spring 2011

Title Author(s) Page #
We feature topics to consider as Wyoming moves into spring Jennifer Thompson 4
All in the timing - There's a season for everything and one is weed management Brian Mealor 5-6
Forest Stewardship Plans: Ensuring a healthy forest for the future Mark Ellison 7-9
Drip irrigation system delivers right amount of water right where it should Martin Curry 10-11
Featured landowners: Rural Worland couple's goals for property include eye appeal and sustainability Barton Stam 12-13
Casper demonstration site evaluates Plant Select releases Donna Cuin 14-16
Short, sweet, tough Amy Fluet 17-19
Woo-hoo!  I (successfully) install a livestock watering pipeline Dallas Mount 20-23
Ask Sam (Bluegrass a water hog?)   24
Throw down the gauntlet against mountain pine beetle Les Koch 25-27

Summer 2011

Title Author(s) Page #
Spring and summer - full of challenges and opportunities Jennifer Thompson 4
Wyoming's bat species - essential allies for rural landowners Lucy Diggins-Wold 5-6
What's eating your horse? Understanding the bot fly SScott Schell 7-8
Keeping an eye on Mother Nature Dan Berc, Chris Jones 9-10
How to compost livestock manure on small acreages Dallen Smith 11-12
Solar electric systems: Making Wyoming's sunny skies work for you Milt Geiger 13-15
Featured landowners: C-V Ranch goes from baby steps to leaps and bounds with integrated weed management Amy Jerup 16-17
High tunnel surprises Jeff Edwards 18-19
Ask Sam (needle drop)   20
Do you know these native, water-wise plants? Jennifer Thompson  21
Here's one way to build a rain barrel for when Mother Nature turns on the faucet Carrie Wiese, Trish Penny 22-23
Plague - what causes it? What are the symptoms? Fred Emerich 24-25

Fall 2011

Title Author(s) Page #
I plan to savor these fall days Jennifer Thompson 4
Wyoming fish ponds: How to build and stock them Sandra Frost 5-7
Bulbs well-adapted to our inhospitable climate Jennifer Thompson 8-9
Featured landowner: High tunnels, high production - and the highlife Jeff Edwards 10-11
Pioneer plants of the West: Can you identify these hardy survivors? Justina Russell 12
Management-intensive grazing: What is it and could it work for you? Dallas Mount 13-15
Winter: The perfect time to rid property of Russian olives Mary Mckinney 16-18
Simple steps when storing root vegetables lead to great-tasting food months from now Hudson Hill 19-21
A simple guide to energy efficiency: Put your home's energy gluttons on a permanent diet Ed Werner 22-23
Ask Sam - Antitranspirant sprays    24
Encourage ladybird beetles to stay in your garden Jeff Edwards 25-26

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