Fall 2023

Title Author(s) Page #
Want a head start next spring? Try frost seeding this fall   4-6
Local library’s pollinator habitat nurtures birds, bugs, and blooms   7-9
Explore Wyoming’s native flora on a B&B plant walk   10-13
Proper management ensures beavers aren't a bother   14-17
Considering a living Christmas tree? Here’s what you should know   18-19
Improve your winter pruning practices   20-21
Create your own crevice garden   22-24
Ask Sam—Winter watering   25
Are weeds a burr in your saddle?   26-27

Summer 2023

Title Author(s) Page #
Container intercropping yields blooms and bumper crops   4-6
Bringing home the bacon—Are you ready to raise your own pork?   7-9
Clean, drain, dry: Protecting Wyoming’s waters from invasive mussels   10-11
Add plucky, pollinator-friendly penstemons to your garden   13-16
Not all bad: A case for selective treatment of plant pests   17-18
Summer tree care can help your landscape flourish   19-21
How to identify trees in Wyoming   22-23
Is my garden soil harboring harmful herbicide residues?   24-25
A potent problem: Dealing with backyard skunks   26-27

Spring 2023

Title Author(s) Page #
Got horse teeth? Here's how to care for them properly   4-5
Let the water flow: Spring ditch maintenance   6-8
Featured landowner: Artist finds a new canvas in the Powell landscape   9-11
Wyoming might not have alligators. But it has . . . turtles!   12-14
How to make the most of your pond   15-17
Tips for living safely in bear country   18-19
Harvest and preserve your grape crop for year-round enjoyment   20-22
Implement a proven weed management plan for kochia   23-25
Ask Sam—Invasive grasses   26

Winter 2023

Title Author(s) Page #
Recognizing symbiotic relationships: Can you spot that dynamic duo?   4-6
Keep it cool with cole crops   7-8
Drip systems provide efficient landscape irrigation   9-11
Plan ahead with long-term landscape design   12-14
Understanding the effects of untimely severe freezes on trees   15-17
The mountain pine beetle: An update from the Wyoming State Forestry Division   18-20
Pick the perfect podcast   21-22
How to store seeds at home   23-24
Adequate nutrients make for happy plants and gardeners   25-27


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