HCM Recruiting Cloud Access Training


The HCM Recruiting Cloud Access trainings ARE available in HCM Learning.

HR recommends you take the training ASAP to reduce the delay of having this requisition pending approval. Please take this training if you are involved in the following:

All aspects of hiring are covered, including: creating the requisition, managing candidate progression and creating the job offer. Additionally, this presentation covers Equal Opportunity Employment, Affirmative Action and specific regulations related to Protected Veterans and Individuals with Disabilities.

What’s New? The updated trainings are designed to equip UW’s hiring professionals and search committee members with the latest resources, recommendations and insights necessary to navigate the hiring process, as well as make informed and unbiased hiring decisions. 

Training Requirements

If you have taken the previous training provided, HCM Recruiting Cloud Access Training, your access to the hiring module will be removed effective October 31, 2023.  To ensure there is not a loss of access to the hiring module, please take one of the new specializations to maintain access – either the WyoCloud HCM Hiring Access Training: Search Administrator or WyoCloud HCM Hiring Access Training: Search Member, depending on your participation requirements for current or upcoming searches.  Note: only one training specialization needs to be completed, either the Search Administrator or the Search Member training.  If you are unsure which training to take, you may reach out to a recruiter for guidance at recruit@uwyo.edu.

WyoCloud HCM Hiring Access Training: Search Administrator – this training is recommended for all supervisors or any person that will help manage a job search (e.g. a Search Chair, or an office member assisting with data collection/management of the search).  Completing this training will result in the security and access to move candidates through the phases and stages of a search, make updates/changes where appropriate in the system, review candidates and materials, and create written job offers in the system.

WyoCloud HCM Hiring Access Training: Search Member,– this training is recommended for those that have been asked to participate in a search, but are not required to take action in the system.  Completing this training will result in the security and access to only review candidates and materials.  This training is a pared down version of the Search Administrator training.

Why is this Important?

Through UW’s continuous improvement efforts, advances to the hiring tool in WyoCloud have been achieved.  These training specializations provide up-to-date information and resources for hiring professionals here at UW.  By empowering hiring teams (Search Administrators and Search Members) with the knowledge and skills needed to make fair, inclusive, and effective hiring decisions, we strengthen our commitment to our employees (both current and future), customers, and stakeholders.

The updated hiring trainings are currently available in WyoCloud Learning in a virtual format at your fingertips.  Please keep in mind the trainings are interactive; we expect the Search Member training to take about an hour to complete and the Search Administrator training to take about two hours to complete.  We believe these trainings will be a pivotal step towards reinforcing our commitment to excellence and encourage all hiring professionals to participate actively.  We thank you for your dedication to UW’s hiring processes and look forward to your engagement in this important training program.


Accessing the Online Training


Required courses are listed below and can be accessed by clicking the links above or through the HCM Learning

  1. Click on the Learning tile under My Profile in HCM
  2. Once Learning opens, eenter the learning item title or description keywords, or the learning item number to search the learning catalog.  We recommend searching "HCM Recruiting"
  3. Click on the appropriate training as it populates
  4. Click on the ENROLL button in the cowboy banner to add this specialization to your Current Learning area. **NOTE: You must ENROLL in the course to be granted access. Taking individual courses will not grant access to the Hiring module.**
  5. You may now access the courses by clicking directly on the highlighted HCM Recruiting Cloud Access Training, or through the Current Learning area.
Required Courses for HCM Recruiting Access:
  • UW – A Diverse Workforce (OFCCP)
  • HCM: Create a Requisition for Hire
  • HCM: Managing and Progressing the Candidate Pool
  • HCM: Initiate An Offer

Once the module is completed, access will be auto-provisioned within 3 hours.

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