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Susan Steiner honored with Career Achievement Award

Dr. Susan SteinerSpecial Kudos

Dr. Susan Steiner was honored with the College of Health Sciences "Lifetime Achievement Award for 2017" this April at the college's annual awards ceremony. Steiner will be retiring this summer 2017.

UW Nursing Dean Mary Burman summarizes Steiner's career:

"Susan Steiner's impact on nursing will continue to be significant because of her involvement with so many students and graduates from the University of Wyoming Fay W. Whitney School of Nursing (UWFWWSON) who are in practice all over the state and region. Moreover, she will be leaving a huge legacy in the UWFWWSON because of her mentoring of faculty and her involvement in curriculum development. Her impact extends beyond nursing education due to her practice as a nurse practitioner and her commitment to health and health care in our community."


Dr. Steiner has been a nurse since 1971 (46 years!). She has had substantial and lasting impact on nursing practice and education throughout her career because of her ability to combine her expertise as a clinician with her expertise as a faculty member. Below is a summary of Steiner's achievements by the different roles she has played throughout her career:

Nurse and Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Steiner started her career as an OB/GYN nurse. As a nurse practitioner, she has taken care of hundreds and hundreds of clients over her career--from women dealing with infertility to men and women in prisons to older women with a variety of chronic conditions.

Curriculum development consultant

One of Dr. Steiner's passions is curriculum development. Her intimate knowledge and expertise in this area can be seen in the Master of Science and Doctor of Nursing programs at UW, as well as in the curriculum for the statewide BSN ReNEW ("Revolutionizing Nursing Education in Wyoming") program. She has been a key factor in the development of the ReNEW curriculum, adopted by the University of Wyoming and the community colleges in Wyoming to streamline BSN education and make it available across the state.


Dean Burman describes Dr. Steiner as a "teacher of teachers". She graciously mentors faculty on such topics from curriculum development to clinical supervision to online student-centered learning. When she returned from Idaho State University in 2009, Steiner became the Coordinator of the Basic BSN Program and has been the Associate Dean since 2012.

"She is always willing to listen," says nursing faculty member Holly Miller. "Dr. Steiner has been my mentor, and I have relied on her wisdom. The carpet is very worn between my office and her office!"

Service volunteer

Dr. Steiner has also made an impact through her community service, such as serving on the board at Laramie Reproductive Health, representing the FWWSON at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center on their advisory board for their RN Transition Program, and helping new nurses develop evidence-based practice projects.

Steiner is a site evaluator for the national nursing accrediting body, the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, ensuring that nursing programs meet accreditation standards of excellence. She served on the ReNEW statewide steering committee, providing significant consultation to the curriculum committee. Dr. Steiner is the immediate past president of the Alpha Pi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honorary.


  • UW College of Health Sciences Outstanding Teacher Award, 2014

  • UW FWWSON Communication of Wisdom Award, 2013

  • Idaho State University Spirit of Nursing Award, 2003

  • American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) Award: Wyoming State Nurse Practitioner of the Year, 2001

  • UW Excellence in Advising Award, 1996

  • Wyoming Nurses' Association Leadership in Nursing Award, 1992


Article posted 5/5/2017

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